Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Photographer Girl and I found a little radiator shop with cool antique cars and decided to shoot there. Why did they let us you ask? Aha well in exchange for borrowing the antique props, the old greasy owner wanted Photographer Girl to take pictures with him on his disposable camera. I stood there awkwardly taking pictures of my best friend holding a blow torch, on a 7ft unicycle, and her sitting on the old mans desk (sexy-secretary-look perhaps). He said he was going to show Jay Leno and make him jealous. Yeah...puke. Don't get me wrong though, he was nice! Old horny man.

The following pictures are about a girl who drove herself to the insane asylum.

Photographer: Brittany SooHoo Styled: Olivia Sui

vintage hat, american apparel, madewell, sergio rossi
Oh look at me! I'm driving the ambulance! Off to the insane asylum we go!

Oh help me...I want to escape. Maybe I'm not a psychopath...


P.s. this ambulance is also featured in The Artist.

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