Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York Fashion Week VOL. 1

    Hello earthlings! These pictures are a little over due but it's from New York Fashion Week. Oh I miss it so much.  It was my first time attending fashion week and the best part of it was experiencing it with my best friends whom I call, 4 Meows. I talk about them a lot and I'm pretty annoying about it too. Every time I meet someone new I somehow incorporate my best friends into the conversation. 
   Ex: "Oh hey! So one of my best friends uhh rides horses...did you say you like horses?" "Oh you're sick? Ha so my best friends going to be a doctor...hehe." "Hey nice camera! My best friends a photographer. Yeah...alright." See? Yeah, I am pretty annoying about it. Ah! Focus, Olivia, Focus! 


Clothes: #Vintage vest, #Asos crop tank, #Helmut Lang pants, #All Saints boots. (On Naomi: Cheap Monday jacket, #H&M shirt, #Rebecca Minkoff bag, #Frys boots) Photography: Brittany Soohoo