Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York Fashion Week VOL. 1

    Hello earthlings! These pictures are a little over due but it's from New York Fashion Week. Oh I miss it so much.  It was my first time attending fashion week and the best part of it was experiencing it with my best friends whom I call, 4 Meows. I talk about them a lot and I'm pretty annoying about it too. Every time I meet someone new I somehow incorporate my best friends into the conversation. 
   Ex: "Oh hey! So one of my best friends uhh rides horses...did you say you like horses?" "Oh you're sick? Ha so my best friends going to be a doctor...hehe." "Hey nice camera! My best friends a photographer. Yeah...alright." See? Yeah, I am pretty annoying about it. Ah! Focus, Olivia, Focus! 


Clothes: #Vintage vest, #Asos crop tank, #Helmut Lang pants, #All Saints boots. (On Naomi: Cheap Monday jacket, #H&M shirt, #Rebecca Minkoff bag, #Frys boots) Photography: Brittany Soohoo 

So this is Naomi! We are walking and I am trying really hard not to laugh. 

Clothing: Vintage tank, #Rag&Bone pants. Photography: Brittany Soohoo
Duh...Fuck the POPO! 

This is me in front of this colorful brick wall in Williamsburg aka mecca of all hipsters besides Silverlake. I naturally cannot close my mouth. Until this day, I still blame my mom for having me a month early. Pre-mature baby= lack of facial muscle maturity. I think...or I'm just weird. 

Clothing: (Left to right: Vintage blouse, #Topshop shorts, #DolceVita booties, #J.Crew blouse, UO leather skirt, #Bebe heels, #AlexanderWang shirt, #Topshop pants, #VeraWang heels.) That's Brittany (tall, photographer girl) and Naomi (my little pony girl). Doctor girl isn't in this picture.
Aha the best for last!  This is us at the Lincoln Center posing and me with my mouth closed! Yay! This was also taken on the last day of our adventures in NY. Just kidding we ended up "missing" our flight. Anyways, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!


  1. amazing blog adorable pics <3
    Kisses & visit my blog too, it would be an honour for me

  2. so cuuuteee :)

  3. you girls looked stunning - I can't tell you how much I love that studded vest