Monday, February 11, 2013

Most Overrated Month of the Year

Towards the end of January you will go to a supermarket and your eyes will be visually molested by tons of pink shit. There will be so many shades of pink its like Pantone raped your local Ralphs. 
Anyways, the real reason I'm writing this post is because I am obsessed with white dress shirts. I truthfully believe everyone should love it as much as I do and here are the reasons why....
  • I'm feeling "hella" chic today...WDS
  • I want to hide my belly fat...WDS
  • I love how I have no boobs...WDS
  • I want to look and feel effortless...WDS
  • I want to look as if I have a boyfriend and I am wearing his shirt...WDS
  • I am freaking awesome...WDS
  • I will wear some crazy pants beneath my...WDS
  • I want to hide my abnormally sweaty pits...WDS
And for the ones who don't have a "valentine" this year listen to the words of my good pal Kenrick Lamar "Fuk Dat!". Don't be a sad pathetic casualty of this overrated month! Last thing, I have no idea why I wrote about Valentines day and white dress shirts all in one post. Be happy and wear a wds on Valentines day even though you might look like your date...or not. 

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  1. Ok, I'm with you on this one.. I also love a crispy white shirt and no a fan of Valentine's day, just treat me with love and respect everyday and I'll never yearn for a heart shaped dessert.

    Thanks for visiting.