Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where do I even start...Balmain Spring 2013

Balmain Spring 2013
Where do I even begin...Bal fucking main! I was anticipating to see what Olivier was going to do this season and as usual he incorporated masculine shoulders that accentuates a women's waist and legs. His inspirations were Cuba and the 90's, however, I decided to add a background of the interior of Versailles because his collections are so damn french and timeless! Anyways, I have looked through this entire collection a gazillion times and I am still in awe of the intricate embroidery in every piece of the clothing! OK, since this picture doesn't do any of the pieces ANY justice I must let you know that if you look close enough all of the stitching is woven in high complexity. Make any sense? No? Fine I'll post a picture of it in detail. OH!OH! I bet you couldn't tell but the last 5 pieces in this picture all have crystal pavĂ© encrusted from head to toe. Am I the only one imagining old french ladies with dainty fingers gluing on each crystal? 

After all the collections...I LOVE Balmain! Every season Olivier never loses sight of the integrity of this brand and that is forming beautiful architectural lines, just like how Pierre Balmain originally did. 

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